| Food | Japanese Bakery

There is a little bakery located in a large supermarket close to the place we call home in Japan and it has serious pulling power!  Such is its irresistibleness that I find it very difficult to walk past without popping in to see what new delights are on offer.

Here are a few things that wound up in my belly on our last trip:

Sweet potato bread. In Japan you can get purple sweet potatoes and these are delicious beyond belief. I just had to try one as I have not seen these anywhere else. Chewy, mildly sweet and really filling!
Kare-pan! Japanese curry bread. Basically a soft bun stuffed with japanese-style veg curry. Super popular outside of Japan too but it’s near impossible to get them while they are still warm over here. I can’t resist! 
Barbecue beef and mayonnaise buns. Yes, seriously delicious. I really should have got more!

Japanese bakeries are prolifically inventive with their baked creations. I have no idea how they keep churning out all these ideas and keep offering new, tasty, and cheap things to tempt me everyday that I am there.