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Akihabara is not my favourite place in Tokyo. It’s got a weird vibe that makes me a bit uneasy. The area is active with tourists and gaming addicts who sit silently in clusters intensely absorbed in their portable digital worlds. However, if you are looking to purchase a camera in Tokyo, more often than not, you will end up right here! This is precisely the reason we found ourselves roaming Akihabara’s backstreets looking for a  good deal.

Shopping is hungry work. Lucky for us our friend seems to have an inbuilt navigation capabilities and is able to recommend quick, cheap, tasty food in seconds!






Having snaked through various silent streets he lead us to a tiny Chinese style place (popular with teens) where hunger-struck we set about gorging ourselves on set meals. Mine consisted of cha-han (fried rice), 6 gyoza (fried dumplings), karaage (deep fried chicken) and salad. Hiro and our friend had Ramen, cha-han, gyoza set meals.  A lot of food. So much that we could not bring ourselves to finish our meals before rolling ourselves back onto the streets again.

So fine dining it is clearly not. But it was satisfying and tasty and I quite often wish I could find a similarly quick and fuss-free meal here in London. The best bit about it was the price, £5.70 per person is a seriously delicious bargain!


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