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Sunset has the eternal power to bewitch us. It doesn’t matter who or where you are, it’s a universal spell. When the sun bows out in a display of chromaticity, we all stop for a moment and stare. 

We recently heard from a reader who wanted to know about our favourite sunsets during our travels. So we’ve selected some photos that we feel are eloquent and evocative of the location: 

Shiga, Japan, 2012

Zanzibar, Tanzania, 2013.

Porto, Portugal, 2014.
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, 2007.
East Sussex, England, 2014.
Mumbai, India, 2013
Serengeti, Tanzania, 2006
Alcamo, Sicily 2009
Free State, South Africa 2014.
Tokyo, Japan 2008
Morogoro, Tanzania 2013

Let us know which is your favourite! There is no doubting it. Sunset is powerful. We hope that you have enjoyed this post.  We always look forward to hearing from our readers and we are always happy to help out whenever we can with your travel questions so keep sending them our way.