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Around this time of year, our minds habitually return to east Africa where the sun is shining, mangos and pineapples are ripening and the days have a more sensible length. So with these feelings in mind, we thought we would take you on a sort of safari today. 

When we go on safari there are 2 animals that we really look forward to seeing – both are quite easy to find and we are never disappointed.

Hiro loves giraffes (‘twiga’ in Swahili). He is in awe of their size, their statuesque elegance and the  undulating way in which they move. They have an air of being so chilled out and at ease with themselves yet the truth is that they are always vigilant and never miss a trick.

I love lions (‘simba’ in swahili). I am in awe of the mighty vibes that they give out, their natural arrogance and their formidable power. They know that they are king of the savannah. And when they let out that low guttural growl that they do, my skin shivers into goosebumps. Awesome in the truest sense of the word.

Lions and giraffes aside, there is one animal we BOTH cross everything to catch a glimpse of and that is the Cheetah. When you see a cheetah in the wild, they seem so small, so fragile in the vastness of the savannah and when compared to the other animals that share their hunting grounds. Yes they maybe speedy but they cannot rely on speed alone so they are always on edge. Yet they are to us a symbol of survival. They have so much to contend with, their battle is great and unrelenting but they still survive and we love a surviver. 

So, are you with Hiro and his tower of giraffes? Or perhaps my pride of lions is more to your liking? Maybe you are also taken in by the tear-marks of the cheetah? Let us know!

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Location Notes: These photos were all taken by Hiro during various trips to Tanzania. Some were taken in Mikumi National Park and some in Serengeti National Park.