| Photo Diary | Tatami Ishi

Even though it’s not our anniversary, a little stroll down memory lane is good for our soul. Today we are thinking back to July 2010 when we got married. I announced it on my blog like THIS. We then hot-footed it to Japan the very next day. The plan was to celebrate our nuptials afresh with family and with friends that we live so far away from.

We did squeeze in a few days alone where we escaped to Kumejima which is one of the many sub tropical Okinawan Islands. Okinawa has a special place in our hearts because this is also where Hiro proposed (and gave me the shock of my life). It was so unexpected. I was speechless. Actually, I don’t think I ever said yes!

At one point during our retreat in Kumejima, we found ourselves awestruck by the extraordinary sight of Tatami Ishi…..

Tatami Ishi is rare geological formation of over 1000 connected pentagonal and hexagonal rocks. It was formed around 20 million years ago when a concentration of Andesite-type lava cooled and splintered into these columnar joints. Years of erosion from the waves has worn and nearly leveled the rocks flat.

Geology aside, this is such an awe-inspiring place. I remember thinking how nature is a formidable artist with boundless amounts of imagination and patience.

How to get there:

Tatami Ishi is located on the south coast of Ou-jima which is connected to Kumejima via a short bridge. The rock formations appear just behind the Bade Haus Spa and are best visible at low-tide, so talk to locals and find out when is the best time to go.

P.S. It is worth popping into the Bade Haus Spa gift shop to buy a tub of beni imo (purple sweet potato) ice cream. It’s creamy yet delicately fragrant with an elegant finish that just hints at sweet potato.