| Photo Diary | Ameyoko

It felt right and good to find ourselves back in Ameyoko again earlier this year. We trod through the market with friends, Hiro always a few paces behind us all taking photos and me chatting in my usual slightly wild animated way that makes people look at me with both eyebrows raised.

We stopped to snack on some fried sho lon po which I’d never had before. Just looking at these photos again makes me want to go back and demolish a plateful.








Ameyoko is a thriving market in downtown Tokyo. It’s a loud, busy and spirited place full of bargains, street food stalls and enough to keep shoppers, hagglers, people watchers and foodies busy for hours.

Its energy reminds us a bit of a few markets here in London (Ridley Road & Brixton) which makes us love Ameyoko even ore. 

How to get there: Go to Ueno Station or Okachimachi Station and you can’t miss it.

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