| Everyday People | Washing Man

We often put our fate in our feet, and map-lessly throw caution to the wind to let adventure have it’s way with us. It was on such a stroll in Porto, (does a 4 hour walk still count as a stroll?), that we stumbled across a curious sight….. 

An old man, peacefully seeing to a hefty pile of laundry flanked by a crumbling assortment of buildings. On one side, languished a dilapidated building who’s riverside perch and grand proportions hint at a much more exuberant past. On the other side, a somewhat forlorn and neglected church.

He was very gracious in letting us duck beneath his washing line and scamper across to further explore the ruins beyond. All the while, he was dutiful in watching over his newly hand washed garments and would occasionally turn them as they swayed in the afternoon sun. Unbeknownst to him, he made quite an impression on us and we will forever regard this as one of the most wonderful laundrettes that we’ve even seen.

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