| Photo Diary | Under The Bridge

Our wayfaring ways (not to mention a rather stringent hold on the purse strings) transported us to Porto where we were met with some confounding sights and adventures. One involved the Dom Luis Bridge. Completed in 1886, the curiously double-decked bridge stretches its skeletal arch across the Douro River 

While the very sight of it seems to dominate the panorama of the city, 

it is the view from beneath that captivated us.

Old houses rub knuckles with the epic steel structure. The neglected and the meticulously maintained stand cheek to jowl in a constant battle to stand their ground.  Tiles shudder as trains rattle past.  Footballs ricochet off stone walls. Tourists under the watchful eye of wizened locals, haul themselves up the uneven stairs with their eyes drawn upwards. All the while, forgotten dwellings quietly fade under a blanket of creeping vines. And from our perch with our eyes a flickery of curiosity, we watched and learned a plenty.