| Everyday People | Lanche in Marques

Lanche is a Portuguese snack made with soft slightly sweet bread (similar to Japanese bread) stuffed with cheese, ham and in this case green peppers. It looks like a sandwich but it’s not quite and you must try one when you are in Portugal.

We bought a couple from a bakery that kept catching our eye and headed to the Marques park. We found a bench and sat quietly enjoying our delicious lunch and watched a group of old men setting up for an afternoon of cards.

It was so nice to watch the old fellows bickering with their friends. It started to get quite lively at one point and some of them were very animated, others seemed happier to take a nap. 

Marques park has a real local vibe and is a great place to watch real Porto life for a while. It is easy to get to via the Metro – just get off at Marques station.