| Life | Closing Windows

The weather has turned quite miserable in London. The rain is relentless, the temperatures have fallen and the leaves seem to be turning already though it is still August. I am feeling quite hard done by as I was rather enjoying the warmth of summer. 

My summers are usually refreshed by copious amounts of ice-cold mugicha (Japanese roasted barley tea) but this summer I went crazy over Oksusu cha (Korean corn tea). Oksusu cha is an infusion of roasted corn kernels it is naturally sweet, light and so refreshing when drunk either hot or cold. I’ve heard that corn is packed full of Vitamin E goodness that promotes good health and skin. Both thumbs up for this!

Summer walks always feel more carefree. The lack of restrictive heavy clothing makes our saunters along the streets of London all the more fun. Of course we shall still continue our wanderings in cooler months but may need more tea stops to keep us warm along the way.

Grilling fish in our tiny shared outdoor space is another thing best done in summer. Nothing beats fresh fish grilled over charcoal and enjoyed with a splash of shoyu. 

Most of all, I shall miss having our windows wide open. 

Waking up and flinging open windows to let in the rising summer air always makes me happy.  I shall miss leaving the windows open all day long while I am working at home. I enjoyed burning sticks of incense on warm evenings by our window pane. It works wonders to keep the bugs at bay and allows me to keep dreaming of our adventures in Japan.

This summer brought us some dramatic sky displays of cascading sunsets and swirling clouds. Sadly it seems that our windows won’t be remaining agape for much longer. This rain and chilly air is not welcome indoors!