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When we turned the page on throw-awayism and made a conscious effort to curtail our buying of things without considering things such as where and how items were made, what they are made of the processes involved, we soon realised that well made things need to be cared for. This is best illustrated with shoes. Good leather shoes.

We both have leather shoes that we’ve bought after a lot of consideration before parting with our money. Perhaps it is because of this that we are willing to do our bit to make them last. However, finding suitable leather care items is not always easy these days. Thankfully, we came across Supreme Shoe Care an online shop that stock a comprehensive range of products to make keep our leather goods in top-top shape.

We were delighted when Supreme Shoe Care not only sent us some SELVYT products to try out for ourselves, but also gave us quite an education on maintaining our good shoes. And we must admit that we’ve spent quite a few hours since diligently polishing our shoes to a splendid shine.

Supreme Shoe Care only work with premium products and they stock a carefully considered range that care for specific leathers be it shoes, bags or even belts. One of these brands is SELVYT who have been suppliers to the military for over 100 years. Now that is some vote of confidence.

The kit that we were sent contained everything we could ever need to clean, treat, polish and then, (this is my favourite bit) buff our shoes. 

Shoes from Common Projects polished with SELVYT

The team at Supreme Shoe Care have been in the shoe and accessory business for many years and are a real source of knowledge when it comes to leather care. If you fancy sprucing up your shoes or even handbags, now’s a good time as they have very kindly offered our readers a special discount.

It is also worth following Supreme Shoe Care’s Twitter account as they are regularly available to dispense leather care advice. Give them a shout – they know their stuff!  

Polishing shoes is one of those humble yet satisfying things to do. A little bit of care and attention and then a big smile when you bring a gleam your trusty old shoes.

Sing a long folks….

“When there is a shine on your shoes,
There’s a melody in your heart”.

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