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Remember multi-pens? Yeah those clicky Bic pens with red, black, green and blue ballpoints? They seem to be making a come back but I can’t help but wish that I could load the pen with different colours. And then one day Pilot brought out the Coleto pen system.

Coleto is basically a customisable multi-pen system. You buy an empty pen body which houses a choice of 3, 4 or 5 cartridges. The gel cartridges are available individually or as sets. And the choice in Japan is epic! The refills come in an astounding array of colours and you can choose between 0.4 or 0.3 points. And that’s not it! Pilot periodically introduce the most cutest limited edition cartridges. I bought the hearts, the clovers and a few Hello Kitty ones too.

I don’t take my fountain pens on adventures. I have this fear that the change in air press might cause them to explode and inky eruptions are not the best way to start an adventure so my Coleto pens are worthy substitutes. When I am not busy swapping around colours, I also use them for scribbling in my scheduler and for marking my sewing patterns as I showed HERE. They are lovely to write with. The gel-based ink ensures a smooth fluid consistent colour and the fine point adds a level of precision.

P.S > I have seen a limited collection of Coleto bodies and refills on Cult Pens so if you are in the UK and dislike ordering from afar, this is a good starting point.