| Photo Diary | We Walk, We Learn.

We learn through walking. Because as we walk, we hear the sounds and stories of a place. We smell the foods, the industry and the weather of it and we learn from that too.

Shirt from HUH by Simply Y.A.S. Long shorts from ASOS.

We feel the invisible sinews that drift through the mood of a place. We walk and learn through cobbled streets, alley ways, landscaped gardens, mean streets, posh neighbourhoods, office block after office block, warehouses and high rises. We walk past gated complex with their ‘keep out’ attitudes. We walk and walk and walk and learn.

While many people prefer the more glossy and well-maintained old world glamour of the more affluent areas of London, we will always take the street view as our scenic route. To us the beauty of a place is not always encapsulated in bricks, architecture or history of a place but in the people who live here. This is life and learning laid out in front of us. The stories that are shaping inner-city London. The kind that is not meant to be read about but to be submerged in and lived.