| Photo Diary | On the Roadi

One evening in Tanzania I sat on side of the very long and very straight Morogoro Road with our driver talking about this and that. In the meantime, Hiro and our friend went about taking photos of people and this and that.










I remember how Hiro and his friend got caught up in a group of kids and they made a lot of noise. So much that one of their mothers came out to scolded them over the commotion.

Despite all being caught in our own thoughts, together we watched many people going this way and that way. We said “Jambo” to many people and “Shikamoo” to a few more. Because in Tanzania we like to acknowledge the people that we pass even if they are strangers and even if we may never cross paths again. Then the sun set and the day ended. I remember feeling very satisfied and that was a good day.

P.S. in Swahili we have a curious habit. We often stick an “i” at the end of an English word to turn it into a slightly more Swahili word.  Like road in english becomes roadi in Swahili.  We do have a proper word for road (barabara) but in less formal slangy talk….we say roadi!