| Photo Diary | Curiosity Shopping in Nikko

What do you call this style of shop? You know, those gloriously chockablock with stuff shops that hold things not quite antique, nearly always vintage and quite often just random. Curiousity shop? What about junk shop? But that seems so offhand especially when you find shops like these….







I owe my life to this little dude: read about it HERE

On our little adventure up and down Japan, we discovered that Nikko has a treasure-trove of well, treasure troves. I don’t think I have ever regretting not buying everything in sight as much as I do when looking back over these photos. I have no idea how I would have brought any of it back, let alone where I would have kept it all if I did. Baggage allowances and small flats are such an obstacle for collect-a-lots like me!