| Recurring Themes | City of Tiles

Have you ever taken a mosey through your photos and come to realise that you have subconsciously been capturing a common theme through the years? 

Thinking about it now, I realise that patterns and motifs have been a constant source of fascination and inspiration to me. I cannot help but find myself engrossed by the way different cultures choose to decorate their public/private spaces and be mesmerised by the motifs and symbols used in art and other forms of expression. This obsession has become part of my lifestyle and so I thought it was duly appropriate to explore this obsession on the blog.

Lisbon will forever be ingrained in my head as a tiled city. A city embellished with tiles that artistically and strikingly decorate the facades of the city.

The azulejos (tiles) of Lisbon are beautiful silent witnesses of the story of the city. They tell a tale through the geometric cultural patterns of the Islamic traditions of the Moors, the Dutch, Spanish and  Portuguese who all added their stories creating an ornate illustration in tiles of how the city grew, changed to what it is today. 

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