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It is not easy to find tasty genuinely Japanese food served with relaxed friendly good vibes in London. That’s why we are so happy that Toconoco opened close by us. 

Tococono is a Japanese cafe run by a really lovely couple accompanied by their enchantingly cute little daughter who blithely scampers about the place spreading smiles and “awwwws” in her wake. 

I had a very enjoyable udon with a homemade sesame dipping sauce. The onigiri could have done with a smidgen more salt but it is still by far the loveliest I’ve paid for in London, generously stuffed and topped, clearly made with heart. My matcha latte was perfect! None of that cloying sugar laden crap some places seem happy to serve up….it was nicely balanced and refreshing.

Food aside, this is a nice place to be. This is a place with a nice feeling, it feels good to sit here and just be. I am putting this down to the fact that the owners constructed the interior with their bare hands literally. Bare hands, sweat, dreams and some help from the internet. I think that the heart that went into Toconoco’s creation has imbued a warm feeling within it’s walls.

There are not many places in London where we both look forward to revisiting but this is one….perhaps the only place we can think of at the moment.

You can find Toconoco tucked away in the development besides Regent’s Canal.

UnitA, 28 Hertford Road, N1 5QT


Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri    8:30-18:30
Sat-Sun    9:30-18:00

LINKS | Toconoco Website