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It has been quite some time since anything beauty related moved me to write. Yet this unassuming nail polish, with its unusual  label, has done just that.

If I told you that it is a water-based nail varnish that is also non toxic, solvent free,fast drying, completely natural in its formula and odourless, you may well suggest that I am serving up a pile of porkie-pies. 
But I promise you – no pies in sight.

Ueba Esou is a company that established itself in Kyoto in 1751 as manufacturers of high quality paints with seashell powder (gofun) and a variety of natural pigments. Today Ueba Esou uses the same natural gofun based formula and many of the same techniques to produce these unique nail polishes from their humble factory in Kyoto.

Though I rarely find the time to paint my nails these days, I am glad that I managed to buy a bottle while I was in Japan. The colour I chose is a sheer watery shade called ‘mizu momo’ (water peach) a shade that I am finding particularly charming this summer.  

I must admit – I didn’t have high hopes on the ‘odourless’ claims but to my astonishment, it doesn’t have a hint of the toxic nail polish smell I am used to. Instead it has a barely detectable scent that can be likened to artists water paint and rose water. Hiro is very happy about this as he really finds the smell on regular nail polishes most disagreeable.

It also meets its claims of being fast drying as each coat is touch dry in under a minute.

There is a large selection of shades available and I do wish that I got a couple more to try. I have heard that some the more pigmented shades dry  matte but this can be seen to with a shiny topcoat if required. And if you are wondering, the polish can be removed with a bit of alcohol.

I do wish that these were available in the UK but try as I might, I have yet to find a supplier. I have heard that Miyake Issey sell these in their shops in Japan so will ask their UK representatives about this and will let you know if I hear back.

If you are interested in learning more about Ueba Esou, I can recommend visiting The Design Files who visited their factory HERE 

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