| Photo Diary | Sunrise in Zanzibar

Sunrise is every bit as beautiful as her sister Sunset. We woke one particular daybreak on a lonely beach in Zanzibar to find that she had shot shades of pink and lilac into the skies. 

Travelling has a way of putting life into perspective and as I breathed the air of my motherland I was reminded of me as a child. A  scared little girl who while facing a road of obstacles, dreamed of leaving Africa. Now that I am grown I dream of returning to seek out the beauty of my memories. I wish I could have spoken to little me on the day that our father gave us up to be adopted by relatives. I would have said to me; “be strong little girl, the future will be hard but bright…..So bright. And one day you will come back home again and you will be so happy that you came”.

That day when Hiro woke me so that we could watch the sunrise together, I stumbled out of our hut with just a secondhand shirt over my night-dress and shuffled about the beach thinking about nothing but how beautiful life is. That day if Mr Stickhead offered me a job in his tourist information office. I would have taken it in a heartbeat.

If you could go back and meet yourself as a child. What would you say?