| Photo Diary | Night of Sakura

By night Sakura trees look like strange clouds.

The light-up of the trees tends to make the  blossoms take on a different tone and emotion under the contrast of the depth of night and the unapologetic glare of artificial light. Like strange lingering clouds, the clusters of sakura  look pale and blanched yet somehow still beautiful.







The customary lighting up of sakura trees is something so quintessentially Japanese and it probably springs from the innate desire instilled in Japanese hearts to just enjoy Sakura while it lasts. I am glad that I got a taste of this one night at Eboshiyama koen.

Hiro says that while he wishes that more thought went into the lighting of Japan’s national flower, he can appreciate the need to maximise this precious time by using artificial light to extend the sakura viewing period. Also, the up-lit trees reveal a perspective that sunlight can never achieve and creating a very different experience from during the day.

For me it is a marvellous vision of shadow-play, efflorescence and the sounds of the creatures of the night.