| What I Wore | Forget The Stress

Work has been a bucketful of stress ridden lemons lately and it can be so bloody hard to wind down in the evenings.  I am not one to wallow in woes and so I challenged myself to forget the stress by making a garment and then stepping out in it…..

Hiro’s cashmere jumper from Uniqlo (it’s very soft and cosy). My handmade skirt. Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody leather bag. Sunglasses from Tiffany’s.
Gold Converse All Stars. Balck tights from Tutuanna Japan.

So here it is! A stripey skirt of black and white brilliance (well, sort of) made by me. I bought the cloth in a sale at £3.50 a meter a bargain for a good quality cotton poplin.

For me, the ultimate test of a handmade garment is wearing it out in public. I get all sorts of anxieties about doing this and so think up the most dreadful and embarrassing scenarios. I am pleased to report that my little skirt swished away nicely and didnt come apart nor turn into a billion ants and scatter into a gutter (as my nightmares would have me imagine).