| What I Wore | Denim + Samue

Samue are normally worn by Japanese Buddhist monks. It is a centuries old traditional form of workwear made of cotton or linen usually indigo or brown in colour. I bought this in Japan from the wife’s favourite granny shop or as she would prefer to call it, a ‘traditional Japanese goods shop’. I wear the trousers at home during summer because they are light and very comfortable. I like wearing the top over a T-shirt when I am out and about. Summers in London are usually changeable and sometimes the wind is still a bit cold so I need something to cut the chill.

Jeans from Kapital Denim Japan. Samue from a traditional goods shop in Japan.
Cap from New Era, bought in Japan. 
Old but still going trainers from Converse. 

These trainers are rare but now a bit shabby because I’ve worn them so much. Actually, they are one of the 1st pairs of Converse trainers I’ve owned and I still like them and their asymmetrical slant. I think they are about 7 years old now.