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I’ve been asked about how I clean my canvas  trainers (Converse All Stars in particular) quite a few times recently so I thought I would put together a post in case it proves to be helpful for anyone else. 

Before wearing them for the 1st time, I treat them with a waterproof spray. This helps to give them a bit of protection from the weather and also helps to keep the dirt from really sticking to lighter coloured canvas. I use super cheap stuff from the 100 Yen shops in Japan but Supreme Shoe Care in UK recommend the Collonil Nano Pro spray.

I spot clean the fronts using one of those magic eraser sponges that you can find in Pound shops and supermarkets.

Good laundry nets have a thick piece of elastic where the zip ends. Tuck the zipper into the elastic and this stops it opening during washing.

There are times when only a run through the washing machine will really lift all the dirt and grime. When I have to resort to the washing machine, I always remove the laces and then place the shoes into a large laundry net. I then put the laces into a smaller laundry net and stick everything into cold or low temperature quick wash cycle using my regular detergent. Air dry to prevent glued bits from deteriorating. 

Laundry nets come in all shapes and sizes and are so cheap and easy to find in Japan. It is harder to find good quality ones that won’t come undone in the wash here in UK but I have spotted some in Muji.  They are really handy for washing. Great for washing tights and bras so they don’t get ruined. Particularly good for washing T-shirts because they prevent them from getting stretched out (especially the necklines). 

We are all for keeping things looking good for longer! 

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