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One of my must-eat-at places when staying with family in Japan is a little place called “Shouga” in Shinyurigaoka on the outskirts of Tokyo. Shouga means ginger in Japanese, so it won’t be much of an astonishment to know that they specialise in cooking unique,interesting and mouthwateringly good dishes all laced with the warming ingredient.  

Mentaiko, ginger potato salad. Rice. Miso.

Tomato, yuba, miso and ginger.


Buta no shougayaki 

Shouga is an independently owned and is the 1st restaurant in Japan specialising in ginger cuisine. The founder is Morishima Tokiko who has published quite a few cookbooks on the subject. Shouga seems to be a hit with ladies in particular which means that Hiro is usually the only man in the restaurant. He doesn’t mind at all unless they give him what he refers to as a “lady-sized portion of rice” which is never enough for him. Luckily, they are always happy to refill his rice bowl.

We visited Shouga back in 2012 and it was nice to see that it is still bustling at lunchtimes.

Set lunches consist of a medley of 2 small side dishes, rice, miso soup, salad and a larger main dish for ¥1050 which at the time was the equivalent of £6.25 per person. Oh and did I mention that you can get free refills on the rice and salad? Incredible value, always unique and truly delicious. 

P.S. Sadly, it is such levels of quality and cost that makes it so difficult for us to justify eating out in Japanese restaurants when back in London. 

Shouga address: 1 Chome-6-3 Kamiasao, Asao Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 215-0021

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