| Abandoned | Zanzibar

There are 2 sides to Zanzibar. The stuff for the tourists and then there is reality. For us, we cannot see one side without the other.

These photos were taken on a long walk along one of the many beaches of Zanzibar. An island that many people associate with expensive resorts and exotic paradise imagery. 

It might shock you to know that behind this abandoned failed hotel was a small village where people are scraping together a living in whatever way they can.  I have no photos to share with you about the more human aspect of this because my heart couldn’t bring me to take them. But we walked through the village, greeting those that we passed, paying our respects to the elders and laughing with the children. 

I have been told that showing aspects of poverty on our blog makes for uneasy reading. Challenging our comfort zones can be a positive thing to do so this is something that we will continue to explore on the blog. After all a huge portion of the world’s population live in poverty and we cannot pretend that they don’t exist. 

Despite being born in East Africa. I have not grown accustomed to seeing poverty. Instead I understand these scenes in the belief that these are my people and this is my homeland.  see the people with the respect, compassion and dignity. These are people just like you or I. People trying to make the best of the life that they are given.

Travelling with an open heart and mind will open doors to experiences that no amount of money can buy.