| Stationery | Glass Pen

I’ve been hunting down a good glass pen for many moons. Then one day, I found one in a second hand shop for just £6.00.

I am delighted with my new pen. The seller told me that it is made of Murano glass which I am ecstatic about as this adds a degree of heritage and artistic value the find. 

It has a very fine tapered point and though I was concerned about it being scratchy, it isn’t at all. The ink flows within the etched ravines of the pen with an even rhythm that allows for a lovely writing experience.It is a lot more generous with ink than a modern fountain pen and so I am now considering purchasing a small supply of blotting paper. As archaic as it sounds, such things are still available

You may be wondering why I bought such a thing. Well, it is all to do with the practicality of it and yes, the charm of such an object played a big part too. Dip pens allow me to test out inks before I load them into a fountain pen and for a self confessed (rather impatient) ink addict like me, this is an invaluable tool.

I think that my glass pen resembles a magic wand. It has certainly cast a lovely spell over my desk recently.