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In my perfect world, I only need to buy a single sun product to serve a multitude of reasons that will also see to all our sun care needs under any sky. This is not a small task given that we are prone to frequent bouts of wanderlust.

It was almost a year ago now that I was sent a bottle of La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios Invisible Nutritive Body Oil with SPF50+ to try out. I  packed it into my adventure luggage with little expectation, just a hope that it would shield us from the intensely arid sun drenched and not to mention near shadeless terrain of Matera in southern Italy. Not only did the oil serve its purpose but it has become an adventure essential for us and has since travelled with us to mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar , South Africa and even our local park. I think it is now fair to say that I’ve given it a pretty thorough testing!

5 Reasons why I love this stuff:

  • La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios Invisible Nutritive Oil contains broad photostable UVA/UVB filters and a high SPF 50 so it holds its own under the extremely strong sunlight of equatorial east Africa.  
  • This is a skin nourishing oil which contains La Roche-Posay’s thermal spring water that helped to soothe the skin and kept our appendages moist and healthy in the arid heat of South Italy. 
  • Days spent lolling about in the parks of London or being a beach bum are a breeze. Its non-sticky, non-greasy formula works a treat so we never end up being grass/dust/bug magnets or sand monsters. 
  • Works great in humidity because it is a very lightweight oil (there were days in Dar es Salaam where humity reached 92%). 

La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios Invisible Nutritive Oil is my hands-down favourite body sunscreen. I would not head to a beach without it. It is reliable, smells great (like holidays), is paraben free and looks like sunshine in a bottle! What’s not to like? If it didn’t contain mineral oil I would probably use it on my face too, though I have been known to use it on my hair. 

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\ This item was sent to us for review purposes. The above information is based on our honest and impartial opinion after trialling the item for nearly 1 year in various hot climates.\