| Photo + Food Diary | Yokohama with Papa + Mama

We took a family trip to Yokohama one day. We ventured up the Marine Tower and gazed at the bayside panorama through rain bubbled windows.

Yokohama is Japan’s most prominent port. When Japan opened its borders to foreigners in 1854, Yokohama became a major trade hub and also the place where the 1st foreigners settled in and created a community in Japan. Today, Yokohama is a vast and populous suburb of Tokyo. The reason we visited was much to do about food!


I had heard from many people that the Chinese food in Yokohama is some of the best in Japan and I was eager to fill my belly while investigating these claims. Hiro’s parents were willing to join this adventure and took us to their favourite Chinese restaurant in the area. I am so glad that they did because there are over 300 Chinese restaurants in Yokohama……300!! I would have been so terribly lost and confused had Hiro and I been left to our own devices.

The restaurant of choice was Manchinro, with a heritage over over 110 years; established in Yokohama in 1892.

Marinated jellyfish.
Green peppers stuffed with prawns.
Tofu, shiitake, bamboo shoots and pakchoi ankake.
Simmered seasoned asparagus
Shou ron pou
Stir-fried pork

We tried a generous assortment of dishes, (the photos above don’t show everything)each one split 4 ways before us by the very helpful staff. I have to admit, the food was really good. Far fresher tasting and more naturally fragrant than any of the Chinese food offerings that I have tried in London. Nothing was over-seasoned, or drenched in some gloopy sauce so that the honest flavours of each the fresh ingredients were allowed to shine.

Strangers in the night
Yokohama Marine Tower

When we stepped out of the restaurant, night had drawn in on the bay. Hiro’s time to chase light and shadow like ghosts and fireflies.

LINKS Manchinro |  How to get to Yokohama |

Manchinro address: 〒231-0023 153, Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture