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I like bright socks. 

Pronounced “choo-pooh”, CHUP is an Ainu word which means “a gift from the heavens” and is also an acronym for “Classical Human’s Universal Peace”. CHUP is made by Glen Clyde oddly named as they are not Scottish but actually Japanese company that specialise making fine knitted socks. The CHUP range takes inspiration for its patterns from native cultures across the world. (The Ainu were indigenous Japanese people from Hokkaido in northern Japan)

CHUP socks + MT Tape + Eye Clock in lacquered walnut and brass by George Nelson (Vitra)

CHUP Vott socks + Red Wing Shoes 

Above all else, these socks are comfortable. I like the way that each one stretches perfectly without loosing its form. I like the quality of construction that gives it an almost 3D quality lacking in regular mass manufactured socks. What I mean is that regular socks have to be pulled onto and stretched around the foot. CHUP socks are crafted so that they receive the foot and retain their shape. Not sure how they have managed to do this and it is something that you would only really understand when you try on a pair. The Vott pattern sock is on the warm side and perfect for colder seasons or UK in general. It would certainly be too warm for summer in Japan.

Photo credit and copyright belongs to Glen Clyde
Photo credit and copyright belongs to Glen Clyde

CHUP socks are made in a small factory where they put their all into their work. The socks are made using a fine blend of cotton, acrylic, nylon and polyurethane threads. Glen Clyde lavish attention over each CHUP sock  through a dedication to their “hand linked toe” socks and the factory can only make 25 pairs a day

“Hand linking is a sewing way of looping every corresponding stitch one by one by craftsman’s hands.  However when it comes to linking machines for coarse gauge, the production efficiency is low and it requires craftsman’s skills.”

“All the linking machines for coarse gauge had been disposed of before we started looking for one. But our strong desire to offer the high-quality technology to our customers finally caused a miracle to happen. One linking machine for coarse gauge was discovered. We calibrated the machine to be used and send it to a new craftsman. It was overwhelmingly wonderful when we finally succeeded in making the machine come back to life.” Words taken from the Glen Clyde website

Made by: Glen Clyde

Made in: Japan

Made of: 70% cotton 20% acrylic, 7% Nylon and 3% polyurethane

Available in UK from: Kafka and Fable + Folly

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