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My black ink obsession has recently bled into red. It turns out that red ink is really quite diverse with enough hues to keep me hunting for the perfect blood red for quite sometime. Like many thing in life, it comes down to trial and error and personal preference.

I was recently sent a pack of Monteverde red cartridges to fit a Lamy fountain pen. I rushed home that evening to load my pen and get scribbling. My weapon of choice, Lamy Vista with a fine nib. 

The Monteverde red cartridge looks great loaded in my pen. Sort of like a bloody syringe thing that appeals to my twisted aesthetic sensibility.

Sadly for me, the ink though smooth and silky to write with, lacks depth and bares more of a peachy hue than a blood red. 

I’ve been doing the rounds with various red inks as you can see above. From top (which is black) to bottom: Montegrappa black bottled ink, Diamine Oxblood bottled ink, Monteverde Red cartridge, Diamine Red Dragin (bottled ink) and Herbin Rouge Opera. 

The gorgeous red heart bottle is filled with Herbin’s Rouge Opera ink which is rather pinkish. The two reds that I have from Diamine are Oxblood with is a lovely deep murky burgundy true oxblood and Red Dragon which is my current favourite red ink. 

Red Dragon is basically all that I currently wanted in a red ink. No orange tones jut a lovely classy, ageless true blood red.

Whilst I am talking about stationery, I’ve two things to report. I received the newest Limited Edition for 2014 Lamy Safari fountain pen with a fine nib yesterday. It is a lovely bight neon coral that makes me think of all my favourite nail polishes.

Also, I came to the end of my current notebook. I mentioned before that I tend to jot down most of my blogs on paper before I type them out with hopefully more clarity and I had been using THIS notebook. It took about 5 months for me to fill it cover to cover and now it is time for it to rest on my bookcase. I am about to start using the Monokaki notebook which I shall review once I get a good feel for it.

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