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While I am still sulking at the demise of my favourite Japanese restaurant in London, I am positively broken hearted that what was a once cosy amenable interior has been ripped out and replaced with a cheap, cold, over lit space. But that is as far as my moaning goes.

See this? This is the Hyper Roll and it is yummy.

Not exactly an authentic makizushi (sushi roll), but what it lacks in authenticity it more than makes up for in context and taste.  The Hyper Roll won the Sushi Award at the 2013 Hyper Japan event and is the creation of the Eat-Tokyo head chef Motohashi Yoshihiro. 

The Hyper Roll contains eel, prawn and avocado double wrapped in seared salmon and yellowtail then smothered in tobiko and wasabi. I like its crazy twist and boldness. Somehow it seems perfect served in London.

If sushi creations don’t tickle your fancy, Eat Tokyo has a huge menu of reasonably priced things to try. We really liked the shimesaba (cured vinegar-dressed mackerel). 

Eat Tokyo Holborn is a nice place to go with a few friends for an informal bite and a few drinks. The cost is reflective of the standard of the food so it is not bad value for money.

Eat Tokyo
50 Red Lion Street
High Holborn

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