| Man Stuff | Miss Annie Jones’ Shaving Oil

This smells good. Who ever Miss Annie Jones is, she did well with the smell.

I don’t have much of a beard.  I use it on my head because my hair grows very fast and my scalp is a bit sensitive when I go at it with my clippers for a close grade 0 all round. Miss Annie Jones’ Shaving Oil is good stuff for keeping irritation down to a minimum. It helps get a nice smooth shave and it keeps my scalp looking healthy.

The bottle says it’s got grapeseed, kukui, balsam, patchouli and other essential oils in it.  To be honest with you, I have no idea what these ingredients are or what they do but my wife reckons that they are all good.

Oh yeah, turns out that Annie Jones had proper experience with beards:

“Miss Annie Jones, the foremost bearded lady capitalized on her unconfirmed case of hirsutism all her life. Born in Virginia in 1860, Jones’ attraction was evident even at 9 months old, then being paid a hefty sum of $150 a week by P. T. Barnum. What started as patches of hair had blossomed into a mustache and sideburns by the time she was five.”

Made by: Prospector Co
Made in: USA
Weight:  59.15ml in proper units
        (2fl Oz stated on the bottle)


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