| Smelly Eraser Dreams |

I loved, loved, loved scented erasers when I was a young’un. I brim with nostalgia at the very thought of them. I remember making many mistakes accidentally on purpose so that I would have the need to use one (I had many). I would then surreptitiously sniff the page and smile to myself. 

When I last visited the Saatchi Gallery, I spotted these smartly jacketed erasers made by one of my favourite candlemakers, Astier de Villatte. My little heart might have equaled with joy when I realised that the erasers are scented!

And it gets better, or rather more sophisticated. Not a whiff if bubblegum here. Astier de Villatte’s erasers emulated their candle namesakes and seem to be targeted at grown-up stationery geeks like me (I think).

Naples is the fragrance of almonds and orange blossoms with yang-ylang.

Mantes-La-Joile combines bergamot, mint and eucalyptus .

Delightful as this pair are, all my smelly eraser dreams would be fulfilled if Astier de Villatte brought out a Kobe eraser. Alas, until that dreamy day, I shall busy myself by accidentally on purpose messing up my pencil scribbles and sniffing my pages just like every completely normal person out there!

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