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These are my champion shoes. The ones that come out when I have to look sharp.

My Cardiff Brogues like many of Crockett and Jones’ shoes, have gone through 8 stages of production which comprises of 200 individual processes and about 8 weeks to complete. They are made of calf leather uppers and soles and are Goodyear welted construction.  

These, like all my leather “good shoes”, are Derbys rather than Oxfords. The difference between an Oxford and a Derby boils down to the eyelet facings (the flaps where the laces go through). The eyelet facings on an Oxford shoe is stitched underneath the vamp. On the other hand, the Derby shoe’s eyelet facings are stitched on top of the vamp which allows more room for adjustment and so in my opinion are more comfortable.

I like the ritual of tying and untying the shoe laces. This quality demands respect. These are the kind of shoes that you have to sit down to put on. When I wear them, I feel proper.

We like things with heritage on WorshipBlues and Crockett & Jones does the job on this front too. Established in 1879 in Northampton, they are now in their 5th generation as a family managed business and are still regarded as many as the makers of the finest English shoes.

P.S. These shoes are 4 years old now. The photos were taken a few weeks ago.

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