Staring at Things : Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi gallery is a good place to wander in the inspiration of others. 

I like visiting galleries to read stories and look at people pondering paintings. I like hearing snippets of their thoughts too.

 photo IMG_5388.jpg

A beautiful building containing galleries filled with conceptual modern works that will provoke, reassure or repulse. The Saatchi Gallery’s current exhibition, Body Language,  seeks to “explore the physical body and present a variety of reflections on the human form”.

 photo IMG_5311.jpg
Event Two by Helen Verhoeven

 photo IMG_5313.jpg
The Feast by Eddie Martinez
 photo IMG_5290.jpg
Gray Town by Makiko Kudo

 photo IMG_5319.jpg
That’s That by Michael Cline

The Saatchi Gallery offers a different gallery experience for Londoners what like to stare at paintings. The gallery does without rope barriers so you can take a good look at brush strokes and other such fine details without being told off. Photography is permitted (no flash or tripods) so there is a real feel of freedom in your wanderings.

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