Picking Up The Threads

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A particular Hobbit once asked; “How do you pick up the threads of an old life?”.

This is a question I find myself pondering over after returning from each and every adventure. The trouble with embarking on an adventure is that more often that not, one must return to reality at some point. Unless of course you can be both obstinate and slightly “away with the fairies” like I am and then everything can be an adventure.

In many ways, blogging has helped me to further appreciate all my adventures(both big and small ones)and adjust back to the rude awakening that real life often is as it gives me the chance to re-live parts of my adventures as I write about them.

I finished last year with the most wonder-filled trip. My dear husband took me on an adventure of a life-time for Christmas and I am looking forward to sharing parts of this with you soon.

Which reminds me! The eagle-eyed visitor may have noticed a new button in my sidebar. I am planning to position quick links to all our travel notes here for easy reference and access. I hope that our casual writings and photographs will be both useful and interesting. Of course, you can always contact me if you have more specific questions. Always happy to try and help.