January is probably the month where most of us meditate on the resonance of time throughout and beyond our lives more so than any other month. We take stock of time passed and we make hopes for time to come

Kurashina Takefumi better known as Tekken, is an illustrator, animator and comedian and the creator of a series of thought provoking and heart rending para para manga that to me, beautifully interpret our frail relationship with time. Para para manga is the Japanese term for flipbook animation (para para is the onomatopoeia for pages turning). Tekken has hand drawn these images and used a machine to regulate the sequence.

The short film below is entitled Furiko and when it was 1st aired in Japan in 2012, it brought many people to tears. Don’t let this put you off, do watch it, it is a beautiful and inspiring piece.

After watching this film, I felt more than ever that time can be many things but most of all time is a gift.