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I have a but of a sticky tape situation going on! I am hooked on the stuff and I keep finding more excuses to get more and even more ways to use the stuff up. If ever you have bought anything from my shop, then you will know what exactly what I mean. Bit of tape hold things together, keep things shut and even double up as labels!

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I recently placed an order for some Washi tape and was disappointed to receive printed masking tape. You may well be wondering what the difference is and why I am making a thing about it, but there is a difference and it matters to me (。-_-。)

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和紙 – “Washi” means Japanese paper. However, this term is no longer exclusively used for Japanese paper made in Japan but is now also used to describe paper made in the traditional Japanese method regardless of where is it made.”Washi Tape” is therefore Japanese paper tape.  

In Japan, washi tape is commonly called masking tape which is different from the masking tape that can be purchased in hardware and home decoration shops. The most famous brand of washi tape is MT – which stands for Masking Tape and they churn out a mind-boggling range of tapes each year.

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There are other paper tapes out there that are confusingly mis-labelled as Washi Tape. They may look like washi tapes on a computer screen but in person they lack the nuances and gentle transparent lilts of a good washi tape. Worse still, they leave a dreadful sticky mess when peeled off. The annoying thing is that you cannot really identify this cheaper low-quality online so I recommend buying Washi Tape from a good brand such as MT or Classiky if  possible.

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I am often asked about deco tape and how this is different to washi tape. Deco tape is basically a lighter version of plastic packing or sticky tape. It is much stickier than masking tape that is low-tack in comparison.

While washi and paper tapes work great for crafting, deco tape is best for prettying up your envelopes and boxes etc anything that may face water in fact.

Here are a few of my washi tape maker favourites that are lesser known out of Japan. These can be found on Etsy from various sellers.

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