Plethora o’ Packaging

I’ve got a mixed bag of packing tricks for those likewise obsessed with such details.

|| Ibusuki Onsen Cider ||

 photo WorshipbluesOnsenCider.jpg

Japanese cider is not cider as we know it here in UK. Japanese cider is a non alcoholic, sparkling sweet lemony beverage – no apples in sight! I don’t often drink fizzy sugar laden drinks but succumbed to this partly because of it’s vintage inspired label and partly because Japanese cider is rather refreshing.

|| Clipper Tea ||

 photo Worshipbluesclipper.jpg

I am Clipper tea fan. I like their fair-trading ethics, their thoughtful blends and their bold eye-catching graphics are appreciated too! The Big Breakfast tea is a blend of East African (yay!), Assam and Sri Lankan teas and is my current “wakey-wakey” cuppa.

|| Les Marquis Chocolates ||

 photo WorshipbluesMarquis1.jpg

Some more handsomely presented yumness from the house of Ladurée. Yes! There is more to Ladurée than just chocolates. This is the Coffret Prestige S1. This was a delicious gift from a friend, I still have the box, the chocolates seemed to vanish without trace…..curious!

|| Morinaga Yoghurt Caramel ||

 photo Worshipbluesmorinaga.jpg

I started with Japan and I shall end this little list with Japan. The Japanese confectionery giant Morinaga, celebrates their 100th year of caramels with a yoghurt caramel.  Creamy, sweet yet welcomingly tart at the same time.  The delightfully old-fashioned box format hasn’t changed for yeeeeeears and years.

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