Pack Hunter

I have wonderful friends who seem ever bemused by my commitment to collecting Jokers. Unhappy to just hand over a single card, I am often given an entire pack of playing cards. Recently I’ve received Moomin, Montgolfier and a Ladurée pack.

 photo IMG_6362.jpg

The Moomin pack came from Finland and contains these cute characters amid the usual suspects of diamonds and clubs etc.

 photo IMG_6373.jpg

The Mongolfier pack contains some gorgeous illustrations by the Mongolfier brothers of hot air balloons dating from 1783 to 1983.  The deck is accompanied with a little booklet containing the stories behind each of the illustrated cards. I think I shall have to embellish you with the tales at a later date, they are just wonderful!

 photo IMG_6376.jpg

The Ladurée deck is a marvellous raucous clash of gregarious characters that seem to compete for my attention. 

 photo IMG_6371.jpg

Finally, the handsome Jokers…..

 photo IMG_6367.jpg

Splendid aren’t they? The Ladurée couple are very handsome but the representative from the Moomin pack is my favourite. Stinky! Stinky who according to Wikipedia is:

A criminal by profession, trickster, and a dangerous influence who tempts the Moomin family to do things that are against the law. He has a code of conduct of his own, and is offended when the Moomins want to give him a large sum of money which has been causing them much trouble.❞