Eye Spy Shohei Otomo…….again

Many years ago, I blogged about the exceedingly talented-with-a-ball-pen Shohei (HERE).

Manga and anime fans may be interested to know that Shohei is the son of Katsuhiro Otomo the manga artist who brought us Akira.

I came across Shohei’s collaboration with Pilot and being a fountain pen fanatic myself was impressed with his work solely using Pilot’s Justus pen. The Justus pen is an innovative writing instrument that features a 14c gold  nib that is adjustable and allows the user to alter the nib’s flexibility to pressure.

I use my fountain pens for writing but I am always amazed with people who use theirs for drawing and am certain that Shohei is up there with the very best at this. This video is brilliant!

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