Hubble Bubble, Hot Wax and a Scent Double

I used to have an expensive French candle habit. Having shirked this for the sake of my savings, I now have quite a few empty vessels that once were filled with the finest wax from Cire Trudon and Astier de Villate. 

One of the finer points of such wonderfully fragranced candles is that they are contained within hand blown glass vessels which work wonderfully for my very humble refill creations.

As Autumn seems to be playing a rather churlish game of peek-a-boo with us here in London, I thought it would be a good time to start making come candles for when the season settles in.

I used soy wax flakes and a heady concoction of essential oils to create these. The result is a flamboyant, smouldering berry rose not completely unlike Baies but with a woodier heart. I like to think that it tells a tale of Rose-Red lost in a deep forest whilst picking blackberries.

I think I may introduce a little bees wax into the mixture next time. I may also seek out longer wicks!

It feels really good to set alight the candles that I have made by hand, I am so pleased that they release a pleasant fragrance. Also very pleased that the fussy husband doesn’t find them offensive!