| Night Lights | City of Halos

Matera by night is a city of halos amid pools of shadow. A calming scent of citronella drifts through the humidity floating through the night air and mingling with the effervescent voices of The city.

I enjoy accompanying Hiro on his nightfall walks,  I personally think that he captures such atmosphere in his photos and they give us so much joy to look back on.

The citizens of Matera seem to enjoy lighting large pie-dishes of citronella candles and leaving them on elevated parts of the city. It seems such a romantic and beautiful thing to do. This habit may well serve a role in expelling annoying little shits…I mean mosquitoes!

In many ways, nights are far more alive that in the day when so many seek shelter from the harsh summer sun. The open squares of Matera are filled with conversation, laughter, children, old people and young people all enjoying the cooler air and the company of friends and family. It is quite intoxicating to take in.

I suppose that this, in many ways, illustrates our love of adventure over material possessions. The lessons that we learn from our journeys are incalculable and as for the memories…. Well the memories are ours forever.