Particular Paper

If you follow me on Twitter then not only are you gracious but you may have noticed me (rather ungraciously), bickering about my lack of fine quality writing paper. I know that this may sound hideously and unnecessarily querulous, so allow my to defend my papery sentiments.

I like WRITING. I like filling my pen with ink before putting it to paper and writing. I like watching my thoughts spill into glossy shapes and then dry with subtle but satisfying nuances on my page. I have plenty of notebooks of varying quality (from close to bog roll to bloomin’ smart) and I am much less fussy about those. However, I also enjoy writing letters with a fountain pen and so suitable paper is very necessary for those occasions when I drag out the “good paper”. 

After much mulling over what is available in UK, I settled on a couple of A5 pads from G. Lalo Vergé de France.

G. Lalo begun making paper stationery in Paris around 1919 and eventually grew to become the stationery of reference in the royal courts of Sweden, Holland, Monaco and Belgium. I do like my stationery to have a good story behind it. 

The Vergé De France collection is a smartly presented 100gsm laid finish paper stock available in an array of gentle shades. I chose Champagne and Rose.

The paper is smooth but not Rhodia super smooth, it has a tactile laid finish that gives it a warm feel in the hand. Both the champagne and rose papers behave well with my fountain pens and markers with no feathering or distortion of my hand. You can feel the quality of Vergé De France paper when you handle it. I like this paper very much and would recommend it to fellow scribblers. I bought mine from MappaMundi but have also spotted some on The Paperie.

In these days of virtual messages and electronic words, handwritten correspondence is ever more special to send and lovely to receive. 

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