The Vivid Tint

A friend sent me this in the post, I disgraced and annoyed myself by loosing it on a night out. I manically rushed and bought one on eBay (for £7.00) without a second thought and now I want more!

\ Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge shade #1 “Pink Dreaming”

This is an unassuming lip colour that promises the rich colour of a lipstick, the glossiness of a gloss and the tenacity of a stain.

I can honestly say that Innisfree ticked all three boxes and managed to produce something that delivers a moisture boosting formula that goes on with a vivid finish that sees me through plenty of cuppas, snacks and hours.

Like most Korean lip products that I have tried, this is scented. It smells of black grape soda, highly artificial and saccharine but I can tolerate it simply because this product is just wonderful. I am so enamoured by it that I shall probably never buy a YSL Glossy Stain again. Innisfree just knocked them out of the ball park!

Did I mention that I want more? I do! Pink Dreaming is a punchy fuchsia, a nice apricot colour is what I may like next.