| Everyday People | People of Mumbai vol I

Ushering you back to Mumbai where they called me “Mr. Hiro”.

While I was walking around with my trusty camera in hand, I was approached by friendly citizens of Mumbai who wanted their photos taken. They don’t have any vanity associated with their appearance or apparel. They just want to have their photo taken, introduce me to friends, have another photo taken….see the photos and off they go.

The boys above were sat chatting away amongst themselves till the spotted me. They then jumped off the wall to pose for a picture together.

My previous article provoked an array of emails and comments that focused mainly on the poverty seen in Mumbai. It made me think of an interview with Bob Marley:

interviewer: are you a rich man?
bob marley: when you say ‘rich’ what do you mean?
interviewer: do you have lots of possessions? lots of money in the bank?
bob marley: possessions make you rich? i dont have that kind of richness. my richness is life, forever.