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Sterile cities with glass concrete structures filled with the suited and booted with minds loaded with materialistic hunger is never the kind of place that appeals to me.

I was proper happy to find myself being dispatched to Mumbai for work a little while ago. Despite a tight schedule, I managed to claim a couple of hours to myself, my camera and the crazy crazy streets of Mumbai.

Mumbai is mad place. A magical place that straddles mayhem and chilled-outness in a mad bag of tricks. Its streets are insanely busy with traffic piled up for miles and miles (I was told by a taxi driver that during the evening rush hour, the traffic can be slower than 1 mile an hour!), rubbish scattered and growing everywhere, so many stray dogs that the mind boggles and the noise! The noise is unrelenting! Yet somehow, the people are so chilled out. I know a thing or two about living in large cities, I was born and bred in Tokyo and live in London yet none of these places have the mysterious vibe that hangs over Mumbai. I realized that this “vibe” comes from the citizens of Mumbai, who seem to take everything in their stride, the madness, the mayhem, the dirt, the noise, come what may, they can deal with it with a smile and a philosophical acceptance. 

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