Pretty Gaming

My Nintendo DS Lite spent a year gathering dust under my desk. However, I have brought it back out again as in these days when I find relaxing almost impossible (the joys of self-employment), I greatly need some distraction from reality in order to wind down and shut off. Working from home has many advantages but the greatest drawback for me is that I find it tremendously difficult to stop working.

I cannot think of a better way to release my mind and hands from work than loosing myself in a fantasy world that has nothing in common with my day to day life.

That said……………..

Here I am admiring my newly made work!

I made a little case to house my DS Lite and a selection of games. I wanted something cute but practical that would be suitable for travelling with and provide general protection too and so I drew up this pattern:

I don’t think this is too bad for my 1st attempt. I really like the design and cosy security it provides for my DS. 

I don’t think many people still play with DS Lite these days so I won’t make any for the shop (unless requested of course). However, this pattern may lend itself well for a compact camera case! See….There I go thinking of work again 🙂