Packaging Paparazzi

I’ve been packaging spotting again! 

Having tried in my usual rambling manner to explain to a friend how this varies massively and is an entirely different thing to mere window shopping, I gave up and got on with my little obsession.

| Carré Chocolat |

Wonderfully sleek matt black slim boxes are so appealing. Spotted in Selfridges, London.

Mariage Freres |

My favourite purveyors and blenders of fine teas! 2013 edition Sakura tea. Delightfully presented and does well to prove my point that when France and Japan meet, magic happens. Spotted in Selfridges, London.

Marc Vidal |

Assorted matchboxes with vintage inspired labels. Do take a look at the website, it is full of curiosities! Spotted in the Conran Shop, Marylebone.

Cire Trudon |

I have two favourite fragranced candlemakers and this is one of them. Cire Trudon’s Limited Edition favourites are presented in jewel-toned glass.  Cire Trudon candles are presented in hand blown glass that proudly  expose all the quirks and charms of a handmade work and so are impossible to throw away. I have a small collection of these that I use to hold tea lights. Because the glass is so thick and dark, the candle flame within it often looks as though it is floating like a little genie in glass confines. Quite magical. Spotted in the Conran Shop, Marylebone.

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