Inescapable Indulgences

Here are a couple indulgences that I am quite devoted to these days.

Posh fancy French Teas. Since working from home, I drink a lot more tea and have done a great job of working my way through a large collection/hoard of the stuff. Despite myself,I have admittedly developed a bit of a coffee lately. Nevertheless this will never threaten my love for tea and my slimmer wallet doesn’t seem to stop my extravagant tea purchases either. We all have our indulgences and this is my immovable love, a canister of tea every couple of months is acceptable…I think?!

\ Mariage Frères Paris – Ginza

Paris – Ginza is a black tea blend with notes of red fruit and caramel inspired by the establishment of Mariage Frères flagship boutique in Japan.

In my opinion, this is an elegant blend and masterful combination of flavours. The caramel is gentle and provides a creamy entrance before the livelier fresher strawberry notes. A delicious afternoon tea.

How to prepare Paris – Ginza: 

Measure out 2,5 g of tea for 20 cl of pure, filtered water 

Bring the water to a simmer (about 95° C) and let the tea infuse for 5 minutes 

My tea cup is from Reiko Kaneko, I have had it for a while now and i am pleased that the gold plating remains perfect.

My newest indulgence/necessity is hand cream. I collect them such that I am never without them. Each and every room has one, as does each bag. My job is such that my hands need to be spotless and so I am continually washing my hands before working cloth, metal, clay etc.

\ L’Occitane Hand Creams

Thanks to a lovely sales assistant at the Islington branch of L’Occitane, I was able to get all 3 of my favourite scented hand creams in one pack in the sales.

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